Saturday, January 14, 2012

5-10 Pounds!

Hello Ladies;

I am back! I took a mini trip to Chicago and have been back since Monday night. Just now getting caught up with work and now can have some play time. I will tell you the reason for my post title is due to my excessive eating during this trip; I am not kidding you, I gained anywhere from 5-10 pounds in 4 days! I KNOW!  We just spent our days chatting away and eating it is not such a big surprise coming from a Mexican family it is just what we do!

Here are my two sisters and I. The prego one is due at the end of this month; oh I wish her luck. Oh I miss these ladies already! They are so fun to be around! This picture was taken in my sisters front yard; yup she lives out in the boonies!
Here is my lovely Grandma. look at her so beautiful; do you see the resemblance?? Hehehe:0) She is the sweetest lady around! This is the Grandma that has done some crochet flowers for me that I hang on so tight and hardly want to use! I snatched this pix at McD before heading out to the airport.

Well off to do some crafty stuff:0)


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  1. Que lindas fotos!!!! Se te ve FELIZ!!!!!! Ojalá puedas ir de visita pronto!!
    Un gran, gran cariño,

    Maria B.

    (no se donde se fueron las libras que decís, pero no se ven)


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