Friday, March 9, 2012

Smashing my Kids art

Hello All; Hope everyone is doing well; as times are a bit crazy in weather. Some days it feels like Summer is beginning to show and then all of a sudden we get a super cold and windy couple of days. Today it seems like it will be a nice day.

The reason for my post today is to show something different for me. Now I did a SMASH hop a few days ago and just had to order my first smash book and accessories. I am anxiously awaiting the UPS guy to show up so he can hand me my goodies. Well I just couldn't resist now could I with so much inspiration. You can check out the hop which starts at Krista's Blog HERE. But I warn you it is good and you will want to start smashing too! So I couldn't wait for my book to arrive and I really wanted to start smashing; so I have started a composition book where I will be adding artwork from my kids and little gifts that they give me. Here are the first couple of pages:

This first drawing is from my 5 yr old Franco; he drew all the characters from the movie Kung Fu Panda. Can you tell who is who?
The next is my very first Valentines day card from Franco. This was from last year. So he was 4. I got him some cards and told him to draw pretty things for those he loves. When writing the names of the recipients in for him he told me this one was for me.....AWWW so sweet my boy! (Please note that his drawing skills have improved dramatically in one year!)
 This last one is from my 4 year old Gavino who is a bit obsessed with Mario from Mario Bros. If you look closely you can see a smiling face in red with a hat initialed with the leter W. So we practiced writing the M for Mario, then L for Luigi and last G for Gavino. The blob of blue was drawn by him some time ago; not sure what it is.
I would like to link up to the party at Krista's blog for the Smash hop.

Also I wanted to share an idea that occured to me. I have this basket full of goodies that would be great for my smashing projects. They are all flat embellishments, letters, die-cuts, and such and will be kept close when smashing. I have them in page protectors and labeled  on the side. I used to have them organized in a binder but now this basket is much more practical as I can pull pages out and put them back easily.
Thanks for stopping by; HUGS!


  1. Tus hijos son muy dulces! Que bonitos! Me imagino tu cara al ver sus dibujos!!!!
    Les mando un gran cariƱo!

    Maria B.

  2. Janette

    I love your smash book - the drawings by your little ones are just awesome.

    Take care.

    Hazel x

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