Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Distress Inks Color Chart

Alrighty; so I have slowly been building up my collection of the Tim Holtz Distress Inks...okay I just got my package with what I thought would be my last 11. I now see that I had missed ordering Dried Marigold...oh well.  I have been wanting to try the DI coloring but have decided to hold off until I had all of them, because there is nothing I hate more than not having a color I wanted to try. So here is a chart that I colored first stamping a corner of the pad, then adding some with a water brush. I am so glad that I did this because some of the colors are just way pretty with the water. I think my favorite is the pine needles and I would of never known! You can find this chart HERE. You can also check out other charts that they have available for download here.
Here is a little peek at my tiny space where I do my Copic coloring. My hubby put this shelf with double row for ribbon spools, but that was before I had made my Copic cubbie. Now I think I will be taking that down to make room for my DI :0) Oh and I need to label the DI before I get to do any coloring. Now off to check out some tutorials and doing some research on papers and inks...cuz I know very little!

Be on the lookout for my DI coloring...hehehe!



  1. I have been enjoying playing with my distress inks also. I know there are a few I need but will have a look at the chart. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the colouring

  2. Good luck with the coloring, you will love it!! Tip: I use Aquarelle Arches Hot Pressed 140lb paper, love how it takes water and doesn't ball up!!


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