Monday, February 27, 2012

Crafters Comanion Mini Cards and a double TUTORIAL

Hello Y'all! Hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC February; for me it has been busy and fun.

I am so excited that I was chosen as guest designer for Crafter's Companion USA Challenge Blog for the month of February.

I would like to start by showing you a comparison in rolled flowers. I have started with the following paper sizes. I like making small rolled flowers and find that the 1 inch squared are quite nice and delicate. So start out with a squared piece of paper.
 Then snip off the corners with your  scissors; making a rounded shape. You can skip this step if you are starting with a circle from a punch or die.
 Next you will need to cut the papers in a spiral. You can pencil in your lines (as if to draw a cinnamon roll) or just freehand it. You can make really narrow strips or thicker. As long as you keep the width consistent then you can do it either way. The thickness of your spiral will be the height of your flower.
 Then using a roller tool, tweezers or your fingers, start rolling the flower from the outside in.
 Once you have rolled the flower you will come to have something like the picture below. I like to make a bit of a flat back by pushing my fingers into the paper and squeezing it. At this point I like to roll the flower very tight and hold it there for a few seconds. Then you remove you tool, or just simply let go and the flower will begin to unravel a bit and bloom:0) Once the flower has bloomed then you will add some glue to the bottom and press the inside of the flower down.
 Last add beads, glitter, diamonds, pearls to the center to accessorize. I like using Glossy Accents to add the pearl. Now my flowers are about the same height since I cut the spiral at the same width. But you can see that the biggest difference is in the size of the flower. The 2inch square has lots more layers than the 1 inch square.

Now I would like to share my Mini Cards: These cards are about 4x3.25"  I have used left overs from my Sour Cream Pouches to make these cards to accompany them. Take a look HERE to see that project:0)
I have used the bouquet from the Flowers For You Humphrey Stamp Set.
 If you look closely you can see that my tiny rolled flowers have scallops. I will show you how I have done this without any fancy die.

I have used my scallop oval punch, book page, scissors, and my tweezers.
I have started by punching the page and making cutting the oval as to use the outside of the oval and then made a little tab towards the inside which will be what the flower will be glued down with. I did not continue to cut til the center because then I would not have the scalloped edge. The bottom is a drawn example of where I would cut. You could also use a scalloped circle and do the same technique.
 Then with my tweezers I have started rolling my flower starting with the pointed piece. I like to roll my flower tight, holding and pinching it for a few seconds so that it keeps a tighter shape.
 Then released them and let them bloom.
 Last secured with glue and added pearl centers.

One last look at my mini cards (in case that you want to see the end results in my card and do not want to scroll back up)...hehehe
WOW! That is a whole lot! So hope you have made it to this point...hehehe  I know that there are many tutorials on how to make rolled flowers; but hope you have learned something new with this one.

Before I go I want to thank the PEEPS at CCCB for having me as Guest Designer :0)

Please do visit the CCCB for a chance to win a stamp set:0)

BIG Hugs!



  1. Ok, I'm convinced. I'll try it again. You make it look so easy and beautiful. When I try it just looks like a mangled spit wad....ICK! I will follow your tutorial to a T. Thank you for the inspiration and the beautiful cards to admire.

  2. Gracias por el tutorial, es excelente! Tus tarjetas están super bonitas!
    Un gran cariño,
    Maria B.


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