Sunday, July 8, 2012

Candy Round 2!

Hello My Fellow Blogger!

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Today I am here to post the second round of my Candy. So here is what is up for grabs:

-Mini Smash Folio
-3 rolls of Black & White washi tape (Solid Thin, Scalloped Lace, Congrats)
-PMS Marissa Stamp (Ballerina Fairy) bare rubber
-Worn Lipstick Distress Ink pad
-10 Leaf Pins
-8 Paper Doilies (4 heart, 4 round)
-3 Fancy Pins (By Me-also available at my Etsy Shop)
-An assortment of White and Printed Feathers
-Buttons, Charms, Wooden Pins, Bunch of Mini White Flowers
-1 yard of strung drop pearls

So here are the rules for taking part in my candy:

EDITED****ANYONE CAN JOIN (Just follow the following rules)
1. Be a Follower of my blog... Please only do this if you like my work and not just for the candy.
2. Post the top picture in your sidebar or blog linking back to me.
3. Add your name to Mr. Linky:0)

***Second Entry Offer: Send Susan a card you will get a second entry. (Read on for more info)

My cousin Susan is battling an Aggressive form of Breast Cancer and has recently had surgery to remove both of her breasts. She will soon begin her Chemo therapy.

Please help me send encouraging cards for Susan; e-mail me for address jgarcia.1621 at
 Collection will close on July 8th and I will announce a winner on the 9th,

Please enter your name twice if you are sending Susan a card or if you have already sent her one:0)


1st Entry: Name
2nd Entry: Name #2 (for sending Susan a card)

BIG Hugs;


  1. Hola Janette!
    Cuanto lamento esta mala noticia, deseo de todo corazón que se recupere pronto, hay que tener mucha fe y no perder nunca la esperanza. Con mucho gusto le voy a enviar una tarjeta y estoy segura que mi hijo también se va a sumar a tu extraordinaria idea.
    Te envío un gran abrazo,

    Maria B.

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  2. Hi, Janette! Thank you for the another chance to win this. put pic & link already in my sidebar. i heard already about Susan and i want her give a simple encouraging card for her.. please send me her mail address..

    hugs,,, franzesjoi

  3. Hi Janetta, Thanks for the chance to maybe win your lovely candy. I'm from the Netherlands and will send you a special card. I will mail you for the adress. I hope Susan wil see all the cards as a special love from all of us. I hope many creative people will join this candy.

    Hugs, Alette

  4. hi, alette!! im soo curious about the Paper Doilies.. what puncher/dies did you used for this paper doilies? sorry for my ignorant.hihi just want to seee this...

    1. Hi Franzes sorry for being so late with the response; but the round doily is from Wilton and I buy it from the baking section at Michael's the heart is from FoxRun Craftsmen. They both measure 4inches.

      Hope this answers your question. Please don't ever hesitate to ask. I am happy to share:0)


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  6. Hi Janette!
    First, I congratulate you on getting published again! Super creations by the way! Loved them all. Also, I adore you 2012 goals and I feel exactly the same way. I have every single digi from Saturated Canary and have only colored about 5 of them. lol Congrats again and thanks for sharing the April/May magazine. Nice to visit again! Hope you are well?

  7. Janette your work is always stunning!
    i feel so sorry for your cousin and how "brave she is"!.I want to say thank you for offering the candy it's awesome!
    I will e-mail you for the addy as i would love to send her a card!.

  8. Janette! Hey, I just saw this over at The Color of Happy! My friend just told me the other day you have a blog and boy do you. Love all your fabulous creations. I would love to send your cousin a card. I'll email you when I have it done.

  9. Hi Janette I am new follower, I can't remember how I found your blog, but I'm happy I did because I really like your work. I have posted your blog candy pic on my side bar of my blog, and hope that more people join in on sending your cousin a card. I will be emailing you shortly to get the mailing address to send my card. Sorry to hear about your cousin.

    Peace, Love, & Cricut Hug's!
    Monica L.

    monita23 at ca dot rr dot com

  10. Hi Jannette, As you know I did post a card already to Susan through Patricia, you can see it on my Blog -

    Thanks for offering the Candy! I am glad to have already sent a card and continue to think warm thoughts for her recovery too! hugs Samantha :0) xxx

  11. Hi Janette I am one of Patricia team mates on CREATIVE INSPIRATIONS and I made her a card when I was told about her.
    This is the link to it
    I hope she is doing well and getting there. Sending big hugs.

  12. hi, janette! have u receive my card for dear susan?? how is she?? hope she is doing well.. she is included in my prayers...

  13. Thanks for the chance to win Janette. I am going to email you for the address to send to Susan. I so hope she is doing well. joann sassy raggedy

  14. Thanks for this great chance and your lovely comments on my blog ;o)
    xoxo Clarissa
    PS: Wish you a wonderful weekend.

  15. Ich habe diesen Blog durch Zufall gefunden und bedanke mich für die Chance das tolle Candy zu gewinnen. Deiner Cousine alles erdenklich Gute und ganz Wichtig "Immer positiv denken" das hilft wirklich, wie ich es selbst erfahren konnte.

    LG Heike

  16. Hi Janette im hoping the card got there? i was gonna add my second entry for candy but it wont let me.anyway hope things are ok! hugs

  17. Hello Janette!
    I am really sorry that your cousin is ill :(

    Thank you for the candy! :)
    I will cross my fingers as on 8th of July I have my birthday :)

    Have a nice day!

  18. Thanks for the chance to win your super candy:)
    I prepare a card for Susan and I contact you by email for send it to Susan:)
    Big hug,

  19. I've sent Susan my card off and I hope it brightens her day :) hugs Nikki
    and thank you for the chance too

  20. Hi hun! I hope Susan got her gift? I tried to link the second time but it won't let me. Thank you for the wonderful candy, I have some up too if you like? Thanks again and I hope you are well!

    Tammy Louise

  21. Hi!! Great candy!! I'm a new follower, and I posted your pic and link on the candy page on my blog. THANKS and good luck to your sweet cousin.

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  22. Hello!
    First time in your blog! Do you speak spanish too?
    Thanks for the chance with your candy :)

    1. Hello Ardilla;

      Thanks for visiting me:0) I do speak Spanish!



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