Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bad News, Good News, Sale, and a RANT!

Okay so I will start with the Bad News; so to say. Paper Makeup Stamps will no longer be doing their stamps in the beautiful red rubber; or any kind of rubber for a matter of fact. Each time I have worked with a PMS image I will say that I just love it and ALWAYS asked myself how could Katie(the owner) do it to keep her prices so low for such good quality of stamps. Well it turns out she hasn't really been making any profits; more like paying for our stamps.

The GOOD NEWS is that all of the images will now be in Digital form. So don't expect those cuties of images to be gone. So now you will be able to work with PMS in a digi form and how much fun it is to play with them; making them bigger, or smaller, merging...etc. etc..

Now as a consequence of the bad news Katie is having a SALE! You will be able to purchase the rubber at a fraction of the price. Now remember that I said that the prices were already really low; so you can imagine you will be getting awesome quality of rubber for a steal(45% lower!)! Please visit the PMS blog for Katie's post and your discount code HERE.

So if you are still around it is time for my RANT! I am so sad to see that stamp companies like PMS that have amazing customer service are not making ends meet, I mean they have super cute images, great quality, and amazing people behind the scenes. Now for me customer service is a BIG thing; and recently I am getting really turned off by one particular company that has super cute images and HORRIBLE customer service. I am talking about Magnolia. Now I know they have such cute images and I am keen on their stamps as I started my stamping with Magnolia images. But there are a few things that really bug me about Magnolia at the moment.

With the StampClub kit
 1. I was worried that my stamps were very uneven; I mean one side was about 3x the thickness than the other side. Didn't even want to mount it because thought that perhaps my parcel had been defected and I could get it replaced. I tried getting in contact with the company and did not have any luck; tried e-mailing them, to the e-mail that they have on the website, through the blog, even through the TOMIC ladies who have contact with them; but nothing.
2. Next they have one price advertised on the website of  kr399.00= to about $56.86 USD now when the kit was charged the price was 434.00 plus an exchange rate adjustment totaled to $66.57.
3.Last about the kit I feel like they keep the best images off of the kit. I know that I just would have been a lot happier to just pick 3 stamps that I absolutely love and not have the bunch that are cute cuz they are but now I want others that are not on the kit.

As a conclusion I am just upset that such a big company doesn't care about it's customers. The images are cute but I think I will order more from other companies that do care about their customers. If I do order Magnolia I am thinking it will be through a company like Simon Says that does care about the person receiving the stamps.

 Now I would like to know if anyone else is bothered or has had issues with Magnolia? Or am I the only person that has been having these issues? Please do share!


  1. Unfortunately sometimes the big guy doesnt care about the little guy hunni. So sorry you've had bad dealings hun, I've never had any....touch wood. However in all fairness I always get my Maggies from Bunny Zoes or Sir Stamp A Lot, both of these are fabulous especially Bunny Zoe's who I prob get most of my crafting stuff from.
    Hope you start to have better luck hun.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  2. Sorry you having such bad luck with Magnolia. I haven't dealt with them so can't really commiserate with you.
    Thanks for the sweet words on my blog. I'm really not sure what the Ketchup was being put on....maybe the turkey? I tried to get them to take that bottle off the table before I took the photo but no one listens to me!! LOL
    Hugs!! Stacy H-W

  3. I have to say, It's a bummer about PMS but maybe she will get to be profitable this way! This would be a good thing!

    On the Magnolia news, I too started stamping in blog land because I fell in love with the images! Now, having said that, I have met tons of wonderful women that create on the DT that I would never trade! However, I too have been very unfortunate to received undesirable customer service via direct. I don't believe it is the owner causing this as she has been wonderful, but maybe they have become larger then was planned for faster then expected. I went to a company called Tilda Town and had phenominal service, then when the price increase recently, I have deemed them un affordable for my budget. I have purchased a few of them via used from fellow bloggers looking to change up their inventory and will continue to look for that deal. I have never purchased the monthly/quarterly sets because I too would like to know that what I get is something worth what I am paying for. My other DT work has been filling any void Magnolia new images may have left me with and I am VERY grateful for the generosity. Did I mention, Whimsy is having a Digi DT call? Boy, you would be a great addition and Denise is one of the best woman I've ever worked with.
    Tammy Louise


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