Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Year Candy

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Hello Fellow Crafters.

Today I want to share my goals for the New Year and also some Pink Candy.

Crafting Goals:
1: Purge-Use, Sell, Trade, or Trash those things that I have been hoarding.
2: Create for Me- Tackle those neglected photos! Create pretty things that I will keep.
3: Sell- I will make an extra effort to sell my creations
4: Go to CHA---this is more like a dream:0)

Personal Goals:
1: Stay in Touch- With Friends and Family
2: Purge- Go through a closet, shelf, drawer, cabinet, anything once a week and organize it.
3: Laundry- Put in a load, put clothes away, or sort....DAILY! As my family is growing the weekly laundry has become too much to do in one day. This goal will help me keep my kids sock drawer stocked. It seems that no matter how many socks we buy; there is always a shortage:0)

I would like to offer this candy to my followers (Old and NEW)

Add your name below just for being my follower!

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  1. The laundry one cracked me up..I do laundry three a week usually 2-3 loads but getting them put away the same day should be a resolution instead of "look in the clean hampers downstairs" haha. Thanks for visiting my blog through the year and best wishes for another great year.

  2. I think my top crafting goal is to finish the many, many incomplete projects that have been laid aside over the past several years. Sadly I cannot submit my name because it requires a blog URL which I do not have. Happy New Year anyway!

    1. Caryn I hadn't thought of people without blogs. Go ahead and add my blog as your link so that you can link up.


  3. Great goals...good luck with those socks lol. Thanks for the chance!

  4. WOW, you are very organized for this year...
    If I could do the laundry one I would be happy :)
    Thanks for the chance, I made the four options and linked up but don´t know if I did it right because I see that the other commenters didn't leave their link... (I am waiting for your aproval at Facebook to become friends though)

  5. Awesome goals for the new year! I did a serious purge about 10 years ago, and it was the best thing I've ever done for my house. You can't organize stuff... it just keeps piling up!

  6. My goal: finally all holiday photos scrapbooking and store in nice folders. I think every time something fun to make and it keeps lying there *lol*.
    Thanks for the opportunity to be able to win this amazing candy ..
    Big Hugs, Anreda

  7. I sent friend request on FB, added to side bar and shared on FB, and as far as the socks.... they are probably meeting up with my missing socks some
    My goal for this year is to make more time for crafting and try to involve more people in it to share the fun:)

  8. Janette, this is lovely candy, thanks for the chance of winning x

    hugs sally x

  9. What a fantastic candy, looks great and i link you on m,y slidebar =)


  10. I hope you meet your goals this year. It is always nice to have something to shoot for right? Nice candy!! I'm getting ready to add you to my sidebar and I will post about it on FB for you in a minute. I tried to add my name a second time but it wouldn't let me. I will try again later. Did you really get married today? Or did you just update your FB page? If you did...Congrats!

  11. Janette ... Those are some big goals there girl!! I have no doubt that you will get through them with no problem. Great blog candy you are giving away!

    1. I suppose my crafting goal for this year is to submit entries to magazines and to have something published.

  12. My goal gor 2013? Hmm, first of all I want to spend more time with my family and loved ones and do more beautiful paper projects for my friends :) Of, I also dream of attending a CHA!

  13. Wow! Those are some neat goals. I should work on making some goals for 2013. I kind of already have some, but haven't written them down yet.

  14. hi, Janette
    you are so sweet to offer up such gorgeous blog candy! I have my fingers crossed.
    I’m now a follower, I have added your candy in my sidebar and now a new friend on facebook.
    Thanks for the chance to join.


  15. Hi; great candy; I definitively want to participate and hope for luck!

    Saludos de un país en nieve y con grados bajo cero.

    La Vikinga / Suecia

  16. Good luck for the laundry! It's always a challenge for me to keep up with it!

  17. Hi Great candy!! thanks for being so generous..I added my name twice..but forgot to put #2 behind the second one..Linked it on my sidebar

  18. Oi Janette!!!

    Realmente suas metas são maravilhosas. Como sempre falo "Se dentro de nós está organizado, o nosso ambiente de trabalho também fica organizado". Obrigada pela oportunidade e eu fiz as 4 opções (Nome, Seguidora, Facebook e Barra Lateral do meu blog direcionando para o seu). E a minha meta para esse ano é fazer os meus trabalhos e com eles ajudar no orçamento de casa (Despesas de casa).

    Beijos e tenha dias abençoados e iluminados.

  19. Thank you for the chance to win Janette, lovely candy!! I have done all four things for four entries!!
    Hugs Hazel xx


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